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GBIC (GigaBit Interface Converter)

GBIC modul optic

GBIC (GigaBit Interface Converter) is used in networking devices for signal conversion between electrical and optical form. During 1996-2001 It was widely used in Ethernet and FibreChannel based networks, currently designed devices do not use this kind of optical modules (because of bulky size of GBICs). In 2001 newer version with smaller dimensions was introduced? to the market – an SFP module (Small Form Pluggable).

Transmission speed Connector Transmission medium Transmission distance Technology
1.25Gbps SC Duplex
SC Simplex
Copper cable
Multi-mode fiber
Single-mode fiber
Up to 120km Dual fiber
WDM (BiDi)
Actual parameters may vary depending on transceiver model, please check datasheet for details

The GBIC standard is non-proprietary and is defined by the Small Form Factor committee in document number SFF-8053i. The first publication of the proposal was in November 1995. A few corrections and additions were made through September 2000. Transceiver can be prepared as compatible with: Cisco, HP, Netgear, Avaya, D-Link, Brocade, Extreme Networks, Huawei, Enterasys, 3Com, Alcatel-Lucent and other. To confirm compatibility please contact technical support before ordering.